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Neon Signs have been around since the late 19th Century, but show no indication of diminishing as a dominant, versatile and durable sign solution.
A quality manufactured neon light can last for many decades, and with maintenance, can last much longer still. Unlike many other kinds of signs, neon lights are still largely a handcrafted product. Glass tubes of variable thickness are heated over a super-hot flame and are hand bent to shape by a neon artisan. When cooled, they are filled with neon gas. Other elements are introduced to the mix to create an array of colors. An electric current is then
passed through the tube, causing the neon to glow brilliantly. 

Neon Signs of greater Tipp City, Ohio area | Neon Lights

With our in-house neon tubing frabrication plant, we manufacture “miles” of neon tube lights.  Using cutting edge techniques from our sign shop in Tipp City Ohio, we produce long lasting production and custom manufactuing runs while ensuring that all of our neon and transformer installations
are UL approved. Our custom neon signs comply to UL 2161 rules and regulations as stated by the Underwriters Laboratories.

Neon is an excellent choice for restaurants and retail stores as an effective display in busy streets and mall areas where competition for the
attention of passersby is at a premium. Beyond it’s uses as signage, lighted neon designs serve as an attractive accent to architecture, building borders, cabinet underlighting, etc. For more advertising flair, you can create flashing designs and design elements, making neon perhaps the ultimate sign
medium for vigor, intensity, and vitality.


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