Sign Repair & Maintenance: Dayton Ohio

Avoid Costly Replacement: Maintain & Repair Your Business Signage

Outdoor signage is a vital business asset that must be properly serviced to keep your business's professional appearance and ensure you have an inviting exterior for new customers. Over the years, storm damage, vandalism, UV light color-fading, vehicular impacts or merely weathering due to extreme seasonal temperature fluctuations require regular servicing to your company sign.

Minor sign repairs and regular inspections and maintenance of commercial signage will ensure greater damage does not occur, which could result in additional damage through wind force or weather corrosion that would necessitate a complete tear-down and costlier replacement of a sign.

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On-Site: 24-Hour Service Dispatches

Apart from being a leading manufacturer in the sign industry, JG Sign and Services provides maintenance and repair services for any style of sign--whether it is one of our manufactured signs or not. We have a fleet of service bucket trucks equipped with the tools and parts necessary for on-site repairs, and our experienced sign service technicians are professional, polite and will clean up their work area after their service call is completed. Our field techs will explain what work they've completed, why it was necessary, and even ask the customer to approve the work and ensure it is to their complete satisfaction before they leave the job site.

In most cases we can expedite a service dispatch truck within 24 hours, and complete all the sign repairs on-site within an hour.

Off-site: Sign Repair Shop

In certain circumstances, complex machining, glass-work, or other fabrication work may require servicing from our 125,000 square ft facility, located in Columbus, Ohio. At our sign manufacturing complex, sign artisans can leverage their experience and the latest fabrication equipment and processes to properly design and engineer the best repair for your damaged sign.

Contact Us for Your Signage Servicing Needs

Regular sign and lighting maintenance is necessary to protect the value of your investment. Small issues can turn into big problems fast. That is why so many businesses rely on JG Sign & Services and our long time partner, Custom Sign Center, to keep their commercial signage in great condition throughout the year. For repairs that can’t wait, call us now at 937-506-8727.