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We are Dayton Ohio’s favorite source for Ground Signs, Monuments, Pylons, and Post and Panel Signs.

JG Signs & Services manufactures custom Commercial Ground Signs that can be made with a variety of materials and finishes to suit your company’s signage needs. Ground Signs are vertical freestanding exterior structures that are anchored at ground level with a sealed and enclosed base. These beautiful architectural structures can help strengthen your brand identity and increase the daily exposure of your business. Designed and manufactured correctly, grounded signs can
offer a professional and elegant display for your potential customers.

JG Signs & Services can fabricate your sign to fit your needs using accurate color matching techniques, and materials such as brick, stone, and stucco to
resemble the texture and architectural structure of you building. Our ground signs are a great solution for a variety of industries, businesses, and organizations including:

  • Shopping Center Signs,
  • Subdivision and Housing Development Signs
  • Educational Facilities and School Signs
  • Church Signs
  • Health Care and Hospital Ground Signs
  • Directional and Drive Thru Signage
  • Entrance and Wayfinding Signs

With more than four decades experience in engineering, designing, building and installing custom monument signs from our sign shop located in Columbus Ohio, we are able to provide expert consultation and complete sign projects from planning to completion. Read below for more information on our most popular Commercial Ground Signs and find out what JG Signs & Services can do for you.

Monument Signs & Structures

Custom Monument Signs are a great marketing and branding solution for your business because of its curb-side appeal and elegant display. These Architectural Signs offer unique landmarks for your locations and professional advertising for your business 24 hours a day. Outdoor Monument Signs have both illuminated and non-illuminated free-standing structural options available. These bold and engaging roadside signs are usually located at the entrance-way to residential communities, churches, commerce centers, and other commercial business locations. Standard materials for building the structure of your monument include brick, stucco, stone, and concrete.

Monument Signs are low in height but show off a grand display when done correctly. JG Signs & Services can help you create a sign that reflects the values of your brand and the architectural structure of your building. Our knowledgeable sales representatives can assist you along the way with selecting the perfect location and size for optimal readability of your business sign. From your initial survey to your final sign installation, we guarantee superior service and quality sign products that are sure to get your business noticed by potential customers.

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs take your branding efforts higher and your marketing dollars further with custom signage that can be seen for miles. These large structures are widely seen as advertising for fast-food restaurants, convenience stations, and shopping centers. Our Pylon Signs are made of high-grade steel for superior strength, and primed and coated with our color match system for eye-catching exterior design. We produce custom high-rise signs that illuminate the sky day or night with high output fluorescent lighting. We use industry leading manufacturing processes and technologies for unmatched quality and design in the sign industry, to ensure our customers are provided with the best sign possible.

JG Signs & Services is dedicated to building structures the meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our in-house production facility allows us to manage quality control and production time efficiently and effectively, providing you with updates, status reports, and peace of mind.

Pylons Signs are a great solution for businesses operating in heavy traffic areas or near highway and freeway exits. Other common industries that rely heavily on custom Pylon Signs include:

  • Car Dealership Signs
  • Restaurant Signage
  • Truck Stop Signs

Pylons and high-rise signs are ideal for many businesses that want to display custom messages with interchangeable letters or LED message boards. This style of sign can easily promote weekly specials, and price changes within your store attracting more customers your way. JG Signs & Services has over 40 years of experience in the sign industry and is well equipped your signage needs. Contact us today for your quote.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and Panel Signs are simple and beautiful outdoor Informational Signs. Most commonly made with MDO, Post and Panel Signs are easily customizable and a great solution for eye-catching displays. MDO is a very sturdy material with a smooth finish that can be fabricated with custom colors to match your brand, building, or theme. We also use materials such as PVC and Aluminum to create stunning landscape signage.

Often used to display names, hours of operation, instructions, and/or other informational resources, Post and Panel Signs provide a unique and elegant look for your yard sign display. Our craftsmanship and ability to customize shape, size, and color, gives you total control of how your sign will look and appeal to customers.

Ground structures like Post and Panel Signs are affordable options that require little maintenance and come in a variety of styles such as single post, double post, and flag post displays. Personalize your Post and Panel signs by adding decorative shaped toppers and panels, customized posts, illumination, and custom finishes. From consultation to permitting and installation, JG Signs & Services can provide all your signage needs.

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